A percentage of proceeds are donated to organizations who work toward educating about crimes against humanity while empowering the youth.

Your donation goes towards scholarships for students who give their time to philanthropic causes.

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#OpenWounds is a Non-Profit organization that is focused on using


Using the most impactful sources of the 21st century, Open Wounds educates the world about unrecognized & current crimes against humanity, while empowering the youth of the world, our future leaders. Creating stylish merchandise & music with a message we are able to educate listening to music with a message, while looking good & listening to music with a message.

In its efforts, Open Wounds uses various techniques to empower the youth to pursue a career in the creative arts; by providing spaces to work on their craft, workshops with professionals in the various industries, as well as mentorship opportunities. These opportunities are provided for the Youth, where they can work with the movement in its philanthropic efforts, giving the Youth a sense of pride in where they come from and to stand up for the rights of those affected by crimes against humanity.

In addition to educating, Open Wounds will be focusing its efforts on supporting the youth by rewarding students who show efforts in philanthropic causes with scholarships! As we believe the catalyst for change is education.

Your contribution whether monetary or through your time is appreciated!